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Q. What is the Fee to participate in Broken Arrow Youth Baseball?

A. Registration Fees depend on the Season you are signing up for. For our Spring Season, Recreational Players sign up individually depending on age. Our Spring Open League, Summer and Fall Leagues are signed up by Teams. The following are the Fees for our Spring Recreational Players:

                T-Ball (3 & 4 Yr Olds) = $75

                Tiger Ball (5 & 6) thru 8 yr olds = $110

                9 yrs thru 12 yrs = $115

                13 yrs thru 14 yrs = $120

Warren Spahn - High School Division = $150 for all players.

Spring Registrations begin December of each year and continue to Mid-February, at this time a $25.00 late fee will be applied to each registration and the player may be put on a waiting list depending on team availability.

Our Open Spring Registration is $1,200 for 8U Open Team and  $1,400 for 9-14U Open Teams. A $500 Non-refundable deposit must be paid before any Try-outs or postings can be done on our website.  If your team pays your $500 deposit by December 1st, the team will receive 2 Dozen Diamond DSS-1 baseballs.

Q. Will there be a Fundraiser?

A. Yes. BAYB requires all Recreational Players to participate in a fundraiser.  This year the fundraiser will be selling BAYB Raffle Tickets with a Grand Prize given away of $10,000.  REC Players will have a manditory obligation to sell 30 tickets or a buy-out amount of $60. 

Q. What is TIGER Ball?

A. Tiger Ball is for players 5 & 6 years old.  It is a combination between T-ball and Coach Pitch.  The Batter shall get 5 swings to hit the ball.  The first 3 balls must be pitched from the Coach.  If the Batter is not successful in those attempts, they have the option on the last 2 pitches to continue Coach Pitch or switch to hit from a T.  This program is designed to fit all skill levels of children in this age group.

Q. How do I register for Baseball?

A. Spring Recreational Registration is done either by signing up Online, by coming out to the office located at the Indian Springs Sports Complex located off 145th/Aspen south of the intersection of 131st & 145th during regular business hours, or by attending one of our Saturday Registration dates which are posted on our website. BAYB NOW ACCEPTS Credit or Debit Card payment AT ALL REGISTRATIONS. Open Registration can be done by coming by the office or at our Saturday Registrations.

Q. What is required to sign up for Baseball?

A. If your child has not participated with BAYB in the past, you will need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate. There is no physical required.

Q. What do I do after I sign-up for baseball?

A. If the player is a new player that is not returning to, or being protected by a team, your child will be assigned to a team in random order.  All players that sign up with BAYB will be placed on a team.  Your new coach will contact you in early March to tell you where you have been scheduled to practice and your practice times.

Q. My child participated last year, does he/she automatically return to the same team?

A. Yes, unless you or the coach wishes to place your child back into the draft.

Q. What do I need to do if I don’t want my child to return to the same team?

A. When you register your child, please indicate that you wish to return to the draft in the Special Request section of the registration form.

Q. Where will the practices be held?

A. Every team practices at different times and locations. Attempt are made by the office at BAYB to assign teams a practice field, however we do not have enough field space for every team. BAYB is told which schools have practice areas and which days those fields are available to our participants. Practice areas are throughout Broken Arrow. Most practice areas will not have a backstop present. Your coach will let you know where your specific practice field is located.

Q. When are the games and game times?

A. The Spring Season will have games scheduled from April to the End of June. Games may be played each week night with game times at 6:00 and8:00 start times. Some weekends are used for league games also. Games are not scheduled on Wednesdays or Sundays unless they are make-up games from Rain-outs. Your team may be scheduled to play 2 games per week. Every effort is made to split the early and late game times evenly amongst the teams.

Q. What about uniforms?

A. The fee that T-ball and Tiger ball teams pay includes their game T-shirt. Most teams prefer to go to a sporting goods store and purchase matching pull up pants and 2 in 1 socks to complete the uniform. This is not required but will generally not run more than $10 per player and the kids think it is neat to look like a real baseball player. For players 7 years old and up, each team is responsible for their own uniforms. These can range from $40 to $100’s depending on what the parents decide they want. Some teams will conduct a fundraiser to pay for the uniforms, some will get donations or sponsorships and some will ask the parents to kick in an extra amount. This is something that the team should decide on as a group. BAYB has agreements with local sporting goods stores to save you money, call us for more information.


Q. Does it cost to attend my child’s game?

A. NO. BAYB does not charge a gate admission for League Games.

 If your team chooses to participate in a BAYB Tournament, then a gate fee is charged for those games. The Tournament Gate Charges are a daily rate, so if your child has several games during the same day of the tournament, payment is only required once for that day.

Q. Why does our team have to pay Tournament Entry Fees and Gate Admissions to Tournaments?

A.   Tournament games are EXTRA games that are not formulated into the League Fees.  They are optional and by your team entering a tournament, they are opting to play more games, thus a fee for that.  BAYB has costs for hosting a tournament, additional man hours, additional umpire pay, additional field usage payments, and trophy costs.  Thus when a team opts to play in one of our Tournaments, either a REC or Super Series Sanctioned tournament, we must charge the fees to subsidize the cost to play.

Q. What if it is raining outside on our game day?

A. Broken Arrow Youth Baseball does not make a decision on canceling games until 3pm. It is our policy to play games if at all possible. Once games are cancelled, we will post the information on our website on the front page. It will appear as a news article. If you go to our web site and register your name and email address you will also receive notification via email.  We will also update our recording at the baseball office, 455-2292 and press 41 when the recording starts. We would prefer parents to use the website as it is very difficult to get into the phone system on rainy days when many people are calling in at one time. Managers will be notified by their age coordinator of their makeup game time.


Q. Are pets allowed at the Ballpark?

A. NO. Pets of any size or breed are NOT allowed at the Indian Springs Baseball Complex. This is a City Ordinance that BAYB strongly upholds. If you are found at the ballpark with a pet, you will be asked to leave the playing area. This is for the safety of the players, fans, and for your pet. Please do not bring pets to the ballpark.

Q. Are Coolers or Ice Chests allowed at the ballpark?

A. NO. There are concession stands at the ballpark and the revenue generated from those stands assists the program in attempting to keep the costs lower for registrations. If your team wants to provide snacks for your players, you can either purchase those snacks from the concession stands or pass out the snacks in the parking lot area. BAYB will allow players to bring individual bottles of beverages such as water or Gatorade.  Large team water jugs are also permitted. Ice Chests with cold rages ONLY are also allowed, but be prepared to have these ice chests checked by a BAYB Staff or Board Member.

Q. Is Smoking allowed at the ballpark?

A. The City of Broken Arrow has adopted the BAYB Smoking Area policy. The smoking areas at the ballpark are designated to anywhere in the outfield fence line between the foul poles. Smoking is prohibited in the fenced ballpark area. Please do not stand in front of the open fence entrance areas but move out of the main walking areas.

Q. What do I do in case of an emergency?

A. If there is a serious emergency, always call 911 first. Board members on duty as well as the concession stands are equipped with minor first aid supplies. BAYB is also very fortunate to have 3 AED Defibrillator machines that were donated to our program from various organizations. If you have an emergency at the ballpark, look for a board member on duty (usually on a golf cart) or go to the nearest concession stand to have a board member radioed. Ice is always available in the concession stands for injuries.

Q. How is the BAYB program ran?

A. BAYB is a Not-For-Profit 501 3-C Corporation. The League is operated by Board Members who are ALL Volunteers. These men and women volunteer between 10 and 20 hours a week to run the BAYB League. BAYB has 1 Full Time Office Employee, a General Manager, who are responsible for the daily office needs for the league. Every day that games are played at the ballpark there is a board member on duty. These board members are here to assist you in any questions, needs, or emergencies that may occur at the ballpark.

Secondly, the Coaches, Team Moms, and Managers are also volunteers who wish to teach your child the fundamentals of baseball and promote youth sports. They are in the BAYB program to make a difference for your child.

Q. What if I have a problem?

A. Broken Arrow has a chain of communication that we prefer parents to use in this case. First, attempt to settle any problems you may have with your Manager or Coaches.  If this does not work, contact the player rep (see link for “Executive”).  If this doesn't work, contact the area coordinator for your age group. If you are still having problems, notify the office and they will put you in contact with someone who can help.  A list of all these people is on the “Executive” page.  If you are at the fields, find a Board Member.  There are always 2 on duty during games.


Q. Where do the registration fees go?

A. Registration fees are used to buy player Insurance, trophies, background checks, to pay umpires, pay for field maintenance and supplies, to pay National Registration Fees, to pay field usage fees to the City of Broken Arrow, pay for office expenses and the younger age’s uniforms among other things. Fees are increased with the age of the player because as the player gets older, the cost for him to play is higher. Umpire costs and field maintenance costs for the younger player is less so they are charged less. As they get older, their fee increases to cover the increased cost.



Q. What can I do to assist BAYB?

A. The biggest issue that BAYB faces is with minor acts of Vandalism. Always monitor your children while at the ballpark. Please do not allow your child to play in the bathrooms. The facilities at BAYB are old, some areas of the ballpark was constructed over 30 years ago. The restrooms were not designed to handle the demands that our busy ballpark puts on them at times. When children go into the bathrooms and make mud pies in the sinks, the sinks then overflow causing not only a mess, but a hazardous issue for other patrons. Items such as car keys, protective gear, underwear, rolls of paper towels, etc. have been removed from toilets at the ballpark. Trees have been killed due to children pulling all the bark off the trees. Soap dispensers have been emptied of soap and filled with water, dirt, etc. , Sunflower seeds spit into the urinals are a huge problem. All of these acts of vandalism create problems not only for our board members who must take care of the issue, but also for our patrons who cannot use the facilities if we have to close down a restroom due to a clogged sink or toilet.  If you see your child or someone else’s child being destructive at the ballpark, please stop the behavior or call a board member so the issue can be taken care of immediately.

 Please read our Code of Conduct paperwork. Teach your child good sportsmanship. Assist your child’s Coach/Team in any way you can. Take an active role in your child’s sports. Be a good spectator.

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